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hello! i'm may and this is where i post my fic. i hope you like what i write and that we can become friends. i used to be ungilded/wonshic, and you can find all my old fics there! you can also use my flavors to find me elsewhere online. it's much easier to contact me on twitter and tumblr, so keep that in mind!

if you don't have an lj you can follow my fic dump blog on tumblr here. also, check out the masterlist on my old writing comm to see everything i wrote before moving journals.

a general disclaimer: everything i post here is fiction and is not meant to be an accurate depiction of the real people featured within!

fics are divided into sections of shortfic and longfic, based on my discretion. shortfic is generally less than 5,000 words and typically has little plot. longfic is usually more than 5,000 words and has substantial plot (or, at least, some sort of reason for why someone's ass is getting fucked). pick your poison.


down here low
nc-17 + b2st + kikwang/yoseob + 2,198 words
your place or mine?
(it's a love/hate kinda thing)


sweet like (a-side, b-side, bonus track)
nc-17 + b2st + kikwang/dongwoon + 9,000 words
dongwoon wants things he can't pay for and kikwang gives more than he expects.
(continuing the legacy of sugar daddy aus)

i hope you'll enjoy my writing...!

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